An Exciting Addition to Downtown Wolfeboro

The Lakes Region Model Railroad Museum will be located in the recently restored Freight House to the left of the Station in downtown Wolfeboro. The museum currently being designed with state of the art model train layouts will feature interactive train operation, railroading related history of towns from Boston to North Conway, and educational opportunities.

The museum is now being designed. Here is a video of one version of the layout and features: (Click on the image to start the video)

One museum concept (click on image to start video)

The model railroad layouts will be HO Scale (1:87), where a person on the layout would be around 3/4 inch tall. Train layouts can be very realistic, as shown in this video by Wolfeboro resident Russ Schundler of his Rainy Day Railroad.

  • Freight House Interior 2022-12-09

    The framing for the museum inside the freight house is mostly complete. Take a look at the Photo Album.

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  • Freight Train Game

    At our tent at the 150th Anniversary Celebration on Friday August 12, 2022 starting at 3PM we will have our freight train game. Use it to develop your skills as a railroad engineer. “A train arrives on the main line with full freight cars to be delivered to some combination of eight businesses on fourContinue reading “Freight Train Game”

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  • 150th Anniversary of Mt. Washington and First Train to Wolfeboro

    Friday August 12 is the 150th anniversary of the Boston and Maine Railroad, Steamship Mount Washington. The Celebration is at the Wolfeboro Docks and in Cate Park, starting at 3PM and continuing to the 20 minute laser light show at 9PM. LRMRM will have a tent there at Cate Park, with various photos and exhibitsContinue reading “150th Anniversary of Mt. Washington and First Train to Wolfeboro”

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Freight House

The museum will be in the Freight House (middle right) built in 1872

Freight House Restored

The Freight House has been restored and is now listed in the New Hampshire State Register of Historic Places as the Wolfeboro Freight Shed.

Freight House Restoration

Here are some images of the freight house during restoration.


The ramps and loading dock will be completed soon. In the future we may expand into railroad cars on a siding at the freight dock.

Some Aspects of the Museum

In the museum design that is in progress many different ideas are being explored.

Two Train Levels

Two Levels

By using two level train layouts the upper level could be used for the history of the towns from Boston through North Conway, while the lower level could be used as a hands-on activity center for children. Both levels will have detailed scenery and historical content, and allow hands-on operation of trains.

Speakers and LCD Display in each Town

History Narrative

The museum is divided into sections for Boston, Portsmouth, Dover, Rochester, Wakefield/Sanbornville, Wolfeboro, and North Conway. An LCD display and speakers in each section show and tell the history.

Story Telling

A First Person Discussion by a Family to Tell the Story at a Personal Level for each building using video and slide presentations on Smart Phones or Tablets with earphones.

Donate or Volunteer

Contact us if you would like to donate or volunteer.