Wolfeboro Station Office

From February through April 30, 2023 the Lakes Region Model Railroad Museum will have an office in the center of Wolfeboro Station, next to the Wolfeboro Chamber of Commerce. The office will be open occasionally, and by appointment.

The office will be used for meetings, educating the public about the planned features of the museum, and to have fun with model trains.

Planned contents include:

  • TV with videos about the museum and historical slides and videos
  • A Brio railroad Freight Train Game, also called a Time Saver, to practice dropping off and picking up box cars on railroad sidings
  • Books and Magazines about Railroads and Model Railroading
  • Historical Artifacts related to railroads and local history
  • Model Railroad Layout

Freight Train Game or Time Saver

“A train arrives on the main line with full freight cars to be delivered to some combination of eight businesses on four sidings. The engine must pick up any empty freight cars on the sidings to prepare to move them to the next destination, and deliver the full freight cars to the proper business as indicated by color near the tracks in as few moves as possible.”

To play the game, place some freight cars on the main line with an engine to make a train, place a couple empty freight cars at the colored business locations. Use the engine to move the cars to the appropriate business, and gather the empty cars at the businesses into a train ready to move them to the next destination down the line in as few moves as possible.