Model Steam Train Exhibit at NHBM

The LRMRM has a model steam train exhibit at the New Hampshire Boat Museum. As part of NHBM’s two year exhibit, “Letting off steam: Escaping to New Hampshire in the Golden Age of Steam”, the steam train layout shows the Eastern Railroad 66 engine, the first engine to bring a train to Wolfeboro in 1872. This was also the first year that the Boston & Maine S.S. Mount Washington first docked at Wolfeboro. The layout is the Wolfeboro Section of the Klickety-Klack model railroad, and includes the station, freight house, and the O.P. Berry Excelsior Mill, Peavey Block, and the B & M Railroad Wharf Building. Also showing is a video simulation of a train running between the station, across Main Street to the dock, and reversing direction at the roundhouse, as well as slides of photos and postcards.

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